Sometimes God lays things on our hearts, and you can look at a situation and see His handy work.

A couple of months ago Dan Yoder, one of our owners, felt led to help someone who needed a new roof.  In communicating with some of his friends at Light in the Valley Church  he discovered that the church wanted to partner as well to help someone in need, but they didn’t have a person in mind yet.

Meanwhile, Ken Troyer, another of our owners, was out meeting with clients and he met Sandy Simon.  Sandy’s husband passed away about a year ago, and her children aren’t able to help her much.  She lives alone, on a fixed income, with a decent sized property to take care of since her husband passed away.  She knew need she needed a new roof and Ken was looking at it give her a quote.  She told him she wasn’t sure how she was going to pay for it yet, but she needed the price so that she could try to work up the funds.  Ken saw an opportunity to give back, but didn’t say anything to her yet.

When Ken was discussing this roof with Dan, a plan began to formulate where Kline Home Exteriors, Light in the Valley Church, and First Choice Exteriors were able to partner up and cover the cost of the roof for Sandy.  When Ken went back to Sandy with this plan, she was absolutely floored.  She even called a couple days later to find out how much money she would need, and Ken had to explain again that it was all being donated to her. She was very touched through this process.  Sandy felt that there hasn’t been many people out there that were able to help her out in life.  She sent us a card (pictured below) saying “… I appreciate all that you’ve done for me, not only for the roof but for also restoring my faith that there truly are still decent, kind, generous people left in this world.”


Sandy Simon Card

Pictured here is a card that Sandy sent us.  It is a blessing to our company, staff, and crews to be able to pour into a person in need.




Sandy and the crew after her job is finished.


The front of her house complete.

IMG_8256 (2)

Sandy and Ken talking while the roof is going on.


We were blessed to be a part of this process for Sandy.  We know that this roof will last her for many years to come!