Composite Decks

Decks, porches and patios create great indoor-outdoor living spaces for long-term enjoyment and enhanced home value. 

Deck Building has evolved in the recent years with many new composite decking options on the market.  With new technology we are now able to find a composite decking that meets almost every person’s needs.  If you are concerned about price, color, or style look no further than a Deck Building Expert from Kline.  We will meet with you to take you through the process, analyzing you space to make sure that we optimize both your environment and your budget.  In addition to building decks we can also build you a new roof to cover your outdoor living space.  Or take it one step further and create a screen in porch or 3 Season Room that will give you a comfortable space to enjoy through out the year. 

envision composite deck in caribou brown

Composite Deck Materials

Composite decking isn’t new to the deck building world but it is becoming more popular.  There have been technology advancements in the last 20 years to help improve the performance of composite decking.  

Top 6 reasons we recommend composite decks:

Distinction Collection Colors

Rustic Walnut

Shaded Auburn

Gray Wood

Spiced Teak

Inspiration Collection Colors

Barnwood Plank

Tangled Twine

Weathered Wicker

Expression Collection Colors

Caribou Brown

Canyon Ridge

Harbor Gray

Woodland Bark

Here are a couple of examples of decks that we’ve built in the last few years. We typically use Envision brand composite decking materials, but we do have other brands available to ensure we get your style and color just right.  

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