Financing your home improvement projects

We work with Foundation Finance to bring affordable financing options to our customers.  They are a reputable company that we have partnered with for a number of years.

Appication Process

  • We submit an application for a pre-approval.  You can do this through the link provided here, or you can call us to do an application over the phone.
  • Once your application is processed Foundation notifies us with your rates/terms available.  We usually receive a response within 5 minutes of your application being submitted.
  • Next, you will choose the rate and term that will best fit your budget. 
  • Then, we will sign loan documents.  These include the application, financing contract, and right to cancel. 
  • After the docs are signed the loan process is put on hold until the work is complete on your home.
  • Once our work is complete we will have you sign a loan completion certificate.  Foundation Finance will contact you to ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction.
  • At this point, Foundation Finance funds Kline, and then you will receive your first statement in the mail about three weeks later.
Financing Available

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Commonly Asked Questions

  • Rates and terms change, but most rates for our customers are between 9.99% - 13.99%
  • Keep in mind, this is typically an unsecured loan, meaning they don't put a lien on your property. That means the rates are going to be higher than a secured bank loan (like a home equity), but usually lower than another unsecured loan or credit cards.
  • There is no pre-payment penalty, so you can pay extra each month, or pay it off early. In fact, most of our customers do the 10 year term to get the lowest payment and they plan to pay it off early.

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