Metal Roofing

Metal has come a popular roofing choice, and we have the right materials to install the job right for you.  There are many metal roofs out there that are 100 years old.  The great news is that the metal roofing industry has become more innovative in the last ten years.  We are now able to offer a variety of colors, gauges, and textures to fit the style of your home.  

Benefits of a metal roof: 

  • Long Lasting
  • 40 Year Warranty
  • Visually Appealing
  • 10 year Workmanship Warranty
  • We can complete your roof job in one day (most of the time.)

Types of Metal Roofing We Install:

  • 29 ga Select Rib Panel
    • Both Smooth and GripTex Available
  • Eterna Guard Standing Seam
    • Both smooth and 3D Colors Available
  • Weatherloc Standing Seam
    • Both Smooth and 3D Colors Available
grip tex metal roof

Replacing your roof will increase the value of your home and what better to do that than with a metal roof that will last for many years to come.  Due to the rise of metal roofing in design shows, demand has greatly increased in the last number of years (thank you Joanna Gaines!).  

new red metal roof
New charcoal metal roof
new standing seam metal roof

We highly caution you to choose the contractor that will ensure the job is done right.  If you asked different roofers what makes a good metal roofing system you would get many different answers.  We rarely do layovers because we believe in giving you a whole system that will last, keep your home dry and leak free.  With every metal roofing system we:

  • Check your attic for proper ventilation
  • Ensure all bath vents are properly vented out of the roof
  • Tear off all existing roofing materials
  • Ensure all sheathing is good and replace any boards or sheets to ensure the roof decking is protected
  • We install ice guard around all the eaves and valleys
  • We install vapor barrier from the ice guard to the peak of the roof
  • Metal is custom cut to your roof
  • Metal is fastened down with special ZXL screws. These screws are guaranteed not to rust for 40 years.  
  • The roof finished out with ridge vent and matching trim pieces. 
  • You end up with a Metal Roof warrantied for a total of 55 years


metal roof

Eterna Guard Standing Seam Color Chart

metal roofing colors