We recently had the pleasure of working with a customer in the Wooster area.  We were able to work with him and his insurance company to have the roof on his house and barn replaced.  He was impressed by how quickly the Amish roofers worked, as well as how courteous they were to him and to each other.

This homeowner had some shingles blown off in a storm, and we help him through his claim process.  Our representatives are very knowledgeable when it comes to completing the paperwork and identifying storm damage.

Our crews and suppliers come early in the morning to load up the shingles and begin prepping the home for a new roof.  Our Amish roofers and skilled and adept at quickly working, and the team is a well oiled machine.  This homeowner was impressed by how quickly and efficiently they worked together to complete the roof on his large home and barn in just a day and a half.

When it comes down to it, we just love what we do!

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