Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofing is what we started this business in, and what’s we have down to a science.  From the very first appointment to the final walk through, we have the process down to a science.  Our customers are consistently surprised by the work ethic of our crews.  They show up and start working, usually by 7:00, and they don’t stop until your roof is completed to perfection.  Our sales team members are thoroughly trained on roofing systems, they will take extra care to ensure that you have the proper roof materials and ventilation for your home. If you’re considering a shingle roof,  look no further than Kline!

Benefits of a Shingle Roof

  • 50 year non pro-rated warranty. 
  • 5 year Workmanship Warranty provided by us
  • Upgraded Extended Workmanship warranty available
  • Highly durable
  • Economic roofing option
  • We do most re-roofs in one day
  • Financing Available

Types of Shingle Roofs We Install:

We are GAF Certified MasterElite.  To put it in simple terms, there are a small percentage of contractors that qualify for this status.  It means that GAF believes in us as the installer.  In turn, we fully believe in the GAF brand.  We honestly feel they are the best shingle in the market, with the best warranties.  

We can install any type of GAF shingle, but the most popular type is the Timberline Dimensional Shingle. 

new shingle roof
new shingle roofq
new shingle roof in strawburg

Buying a new roof can be a daunting thing to do.  You may ask yourself if you’re choosing the right contractor, the right materials… you want to get a good roof without spending too much money.  It may feel sort of like buying a car.  We want you to know we are a reliable contractor you can trust.  We will not push you, but we will educate you on what a good roofing system is.  We install every roof with the intention that it will be your last roof, taking care and pride in our workmanship.  

 With every shingle roofing system we:

  • Check your attic for proper ventilation
  • Ensure all bath vents are properly vented out of the roof
  • Tear off all existing roofing materials
  • Ensure all sheathing is good and replace any boards or sheets to ensure the roof decking is protected
  • We install ice guard around all the eaves and valleys
  • We install synthetic underlayment from the ice guard to the peak of the roof
  • Shingles are installed over the underlayment. 
  • The roof finished out with ridge vent. 
  • You end up with a Shingle Roof that has a 50 year Non Pro-Rated Warranty. 
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