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The Legacy of Amish Craftsmanship: 4 Qualities That Set It Apart

After going mainstream in the early twentieth century, the Amish style of craftsmanship influenced construction and woodworking forever. At a time when factory-made products were the norm, this unique brand of hand-crafted furniture set a new standard that couldn’t be matched by machines.

The techniques of a few small-time, Amish craftsmen introduced the larger world to a way of building that was grounded in hard work, sustainability and community. Here are just a few qualities that set apart the unique style of Amish craftsmanship.

our amish crews installing a stone
our amish crews installing a deck

Simple, elegant furnishings crafted by hand

Of all the customs of Amish lifestyle, the tendency to avoid electricity is perhaps the most well-known. This also means that most pieces of Amish furniture are created by hand. Without the use of modern technology, Amish craftsmen improved upon traditional techniques and became notable for their clean, straight lines and simple designs. If you’re looking for elevated attention to detail and a hand-crafted touch, Amish furniture is for you.

Woodworking expertise perfected over centuries

The master craftsmen who influenced the Amish style were not alone in developing their construction techniques. In fact, the trademarks of their style come from skills passed down through generations, spanning back to their European roots in Germany and England. This long line of tradition ensures each product you buy has been tested and modified over years into the best version of itself.

our amish crews installing a roof
our amish crews installing a deck

Long-lasting, sustainable materials and wood

Each piece of hardwood that goes into Amish furniture is often hand-selected and scoured for any imperfection, chip or discoloration. This attention to detail doesn’t just extend to individual pieces of timber—all of the wood that makes up a project must be matched in grain, color and texture. This extra step means each piece of Amish furniture has a consistent style that’s totally one of a kind.

A trade that supports family and community

While Amish craftsmanship has overall key traits, each community and family of artisans puts their own unique spin on the pieces they create. As time has passed, many of the families who originated this style moved on to other businesses—including home construction, roofing and restoration. Buying from companies with Amish history means supporting families and communities who care about hard work and quality products.

It’s easy to see the influence of the Amish craftsman style in everyday furniture and construction. Whether you’re shopping for a dining table, wooden chest, or a sturdy rocking chair, if it’s Amish-made you can be sure it’s built to last.

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